Say hello to the hearing you deserve

Say hello to the hearing you deserve

For a limited time, shop our best offer ever and save thousands on better hearing

Experience the future of hearing

Experience the future of hearing

Everything you need, nothing you don’t - Top-of-the-line technology combined with advanced programming by our on-staff audiologist gives you doctor-designed sound without the high price tag. Simple controls let you adjust your hearing at the touch of a button, so whether you find yourself in a noisy restaurant or a quiet walk in the park, you'll be comfortable.

45-day, 100% money-back guarantee - Taking full control of your hearing has never been easier. With MDHearing's iron-clad guarantee, you don't need take our word for it—you can experience the difference yourself. 

Nearly-invisible design - No one needs to know—our ground-breaking hearing technology disappears behind your ear. 


Everyone loves MDHearing

Ed Y.

"Great product and great company"

Have been using the MDHearing amplifiers for about 2 months. I made an error when I originally ordered them and ordered two left ear pieces instead of on right and on left piece. MDHearing caught the error and was very accommodating, prompt, and professional in resolving my problem. The amplifiers have been great and lived up to my expectations. A great product and a great company.

Linda G.

"Hearing again"

I really appreciate my Empower Amplifier that I recently purchased. My husband has a hearing aid that is not very effective and was very expensive of both time and money. Empower is effective, reasonably priced and easy to use. I was so pleased that I could install it and immediately feel comfortable and HEAR. I also appreciate the feedback they have provided and support. They set an excellent example.

David T.

"Ten stars wouldn't be enough"

MDHearing AMP has changed our lives. After trying the most expensive hearing aids with no success, I found these! Not only are they vastly superior to anything on the market, they have the most exemplary customer service I have ever found from any company! I cannot thank this company enough for sharing their technical expertise with their device. If they had TEN stars, it still wouldn’t be enough.

Hearing is essential, now more than ever

Hearing is essential, now more than ever

Communication is everything today - Now more than ever you need to remain connected to the world. Not being able to hear is no longer an option. Boosting your hearing means better relationships and a better life. 

Your hearing is your health - Untreated hearing issues are associated with increased hospitalizations, increased risk of hospital readmission, increased risk of ER visits and even longer hospital stays. You can't afford to delay fixing your hearing any longer. 

You're worth it

You're worth it

Designed by doctors, tested by audiologists - Our founder, a board-certified otolaryngologist, was tired of seeing his patients forgo addressing their hearing because they couldn't afford the high cost of traditional hearing aids. He decided there had to be a better way, so he teamed up with audiologists and medical professionals to create MDHearing. Now the latest technology is accessible without any appointments, long tests, middlemen, or hassle—just great hearing delivered directly to your door, completely risk-free.

It's time to enjoy every moment - Stop missing words and struggling to follow conversations. You've worked hard to build a life you can be proud of, you should enjoy every second of it.


Get better hearing delivered

Get better hearing delivered

Upgrade your hearing from the comfort and safety of home - Experience the latest hearing technology, complete with everything you need to hear better, without any hassle, long appointments, or risk. 

24/7 U.S.-based remote care - We’ve been helping Americans for over 11 years. Every MDHearing device comes with lifetime remote care from a dedicated team of hearing specialists. We’re available whenever you need us—day or night.

Straightforward, Honest Hearing


You know what sounds right to you, and we know you will love hearing better. Every MDHearing device includes a risk-free, 45-day trial so you can shop with confidence.


As thin as a pencil, your MDHearing device sits discreetly behind your ear so no one will notice. You may even forget you are wearing anything at all.


Control the volume and amplification with the touch of your finger. It's never been simpler to experience comfortable sound without any appointments or hassle.


Our experienced hearing support staff is US-based and ready to help you whenever you need. We've heard it all and are available by email or phone.


Hear what matters most. Layered noise reduction removes the background noise so you can focus on the important moments and enjoy the world around you.


Arrives at your door assembled and ready to use right out of the box—complete with batteries, tubing, and everything you need to enjoy the hearing you deserve.