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Don't be discouraged, we're still here and ready to help!

Looking for a hearing boost?

Our personal sound amplifiers are proven to improve your hearing.

Looking for a hearing boost?

Looking for support?

Our U.S.-based support team is available to help.

Looking for support?

Straightforward, Honest Hearing


You know what sounds right to you, and we know you will love hearing better. Every MDHearing device includes a risk-free, 45-day trial so you can shop with confidence.


As thin as a pencil, your MDHearing device sits discreetly behind your ear so no one will notice. You may even forget you are wearing anything at all.


Control the volume and amplification with the touch of your finger. It's never been simpler to experience comfortable sound without any appointments or hassle.


Our experienced hearing support staff is US-based and ready to help you whenever you need. We've heard it all and are available by email or phone.


Hear what matters most. Layered noise reduction removes the background noise so you can focus on the important moments and enjoy the world around you.


Arrives at your door assembled and ready to use right out of the box—complete with batteries, tubing, and everything you need to enjoy the hearing you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is MDHearing?

MDHearing has helped hundreds of thousands of Americans improve their hearing for over a decade. Founded by a board-certified otolaryngologist who was tired of seeing his patients forgo the hearing they desperately needed because they couldn't afford it, MDHearing's mission is to bring you the best hearing at the best price. Now the latest technology is accessible without any appointments, long tests, middlemen, or hassle—just great hearing delivered directly to your door, completely risk-free.

Having changed the hearing aid industry forever, MDHearing is excited to expand into hearing amplifiers and reach a wider audience with their low-cost hearing devices by acquiring the Empower Hearing Solutions brand. 

Who do I contact for support for my Empower?

Empower BOOST and Empower WAVE products will be supported by the dedicated, U.S.-based team at MDHearing.

Support will continue to be available via phone and 24/7 via email. Please feel free to contact MDHearing support with any questions you may have.

Phone: 800-823-9819

All of our hearing instrument specialists are based in our Metro Detroit office. They're happy to guide, troubleshoot, and advise, not just while you're choosing your hearing device, but throughout your time wearing them.

Is my warranty or protection plan for my Empower device still valid?

Yes. All warranty and protection plans purchased via Empower will be supported by MDHearing moving forward based on the terms detailed in the initial purchase.

Please contact support for additional details. 

Where can I purchase tubing for my Empower device? sells all the accessories you need to keep your Empower running like new. Click here for more information.

When shopping for accessories for your Empower device, please double check you have selected the correct product and tubing before ordering. Alternatively, you can always contact MDHearing support for more information.