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MDHearing AMP

The MDHearing AMP does more than ‘turn the volume up’, it enhances the world around you with the latest digital hearing technology. Combining easy-to-use controls with state-of-the-art sound processing technology, the AMP focuses on the frequencies of the human voice and reduces unwanted background noise, providing you clear conversations. 

Nearly invisible design – Comfort you can feel, and others can’t see. The AMP is thin as a pencil and sits discreetly behind your ear.

No prescription needed – Designed to assist 94% of Americans, right out of the box. No long appointments. No hassle.

Limited-time offer – Take advantage of unbelievable buy one get one free savings on top of a 100% iron-clad guarantee.

Everything you need – Arrives at your door with free batteries, tubing, the revolutionary new ComfortTip, a carrying case, and even free shipping!

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Single AMP | Left Ear Only Single AMP | Right Ear Only Most Popular!
AMP Pair | Buy One Get One Free (Limited Time Offer)
Single AMP | Left Ear Only
Single AMP | Right Ear Only
AMP Pair | Buy One Get One Free (Limited Time Offer)
AMP hearing amplifier for left ear AMP hearing amplifier for right ear AMP hearing amplifiers for left and right ear, includes one-year supply of batteries
$399.99 $399.99 $829.99 $399.99 Save $430.00
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Single AMP | Left Ear Only

Single AMP | Left Ear Only

AMP hearing amplifier for left ear

Compatible with MDHearing AMP

Single AMP | Right Ear Only

Single AMP | Right Ear Only

AMP hearing amplifier for right ear

Compatible with MDHearing AMP

AMP Pair | Buy One Get One Free (Limited Time Offer)

Most Popular!
AMP Pair | Buy One Get One Free (Limited Time Offer)

AMP hearing amplifiers for left and right ear, includes one-year supply of batteries

Compatible with MDHearing AMP

Save $430.00


Real hearing. Zero risk.

Real hearing. Zero risk.

Medical-grade hearing - Experience doctor-designed hearing at an unbelievable discount by skipping the middleman and buying direct.

Advanced noise reduction - Enjoy clear conversations and tune out background noise, even in noisy environments like restaurants, church, or family gatherings thanks to the latest hearing technology.

Completely risk-free -  If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. We stand by every device we sell with a 100% iron-clad, satisfaction guarantee. Shop with confidence. 


Get better hearing delivered

Get better hearing delivered

Upgrade your hearing from the comfort and safety of home - Experience the latest hearing technology, complete with everything you need to hear better, without any hassle, long appointments, or risk. 

24/7 U.S.-based remote care - We’ve been helping Americans for over 11 years. Every MDHearing device comes with lifetime remote care from a dedicated team of hearing specialists. We’re available whenever you need us—day or night.

Hear what everyone is saying about the AMP

Carol K.

"It does the job (at an affordable price)"

I am very pleased with my amplifier. I wear it in my right ear and can now hear and enjoy my life more and not feel left out because I didn’t hear well before. I forget I have it on it’s so small and light. I warned everyone not to be talking about me. I can hear every word now LOL. I couldn’t afford the thousands of dollars for those high end hearing aids and MDHearing does the job and at an affordable price. Thank you MDHearing!

Carol G.


All I can say is I think they are terrific. I’ve tried two other more expensive hearing aids I have had my MDHearing AMP for 2 months now, and all I can say is I think they are terrific. I’ve tried two other more expensive hearing aids, but these are by far the best so far. I am very pleased. The voices on the AMP are very close to natural, not artificial sounding like they the voices on the more expensive aids I tried. Also, the service is excellent all my issues were addressed immediately. I highly recommend them.

Pat G.

"Big difference!"

Amazing! That’s what my daughter said after leaving the room and talking to me from the hallway. Before getting the MDHearing AMP I needed her to look at me and talk fairly loudly (though I didn’t realize how loud until using this) and now I can listen to the TV at night without bothering her. It is already making a big difference! I had really expected it to just make noises louder, and was very pleasantly surprised at how much clearer the sounds are. Thank you!


Better hearing. Better connections.

Better hearing. Better connections.

Remove the noise - Improved background noise reduction means you can focus on what's important—conversations with the people you love.

Fits any environment - Four unique amplification settings enable you to hear in any situation—from quiet cafes to noisy restaurants and everywhere in between.

Whistle-free - With advanced feedback cancellation technology, you can hug a loved one without the annoying whistle of other hearing devices.


Can a hearing device that costs $400 be every bit as good as one that sells for $2,250 or more?

Can a hearing device that costs $400 be every bit as good as one that sells for $2,250 or more?

Skip the middleman - Hearing doesn't have to cost a fortune when you buy directly from the manufacturer. You can save thousands when you skip wholesale markups, retail markups, service costs, and other "fees" hearing clinics sneak in.

No hearing test needed - Most people have similar hearing needs. MDHearing devices were designed to assist the vast majority of Americans right out of the box. 

100% satisfaction guarantee -  If MDHearing doesn't work for you, we’ll give you 100% of your money back! There's no risk in boosting your hearing today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I try one MDHearing device or two?

Most people have two ears, and the brain processes hearing signals from both ears at the same time. When the sound from one ear is vastly different from the other (for example, one side is amplified and one is not), your brain will be forced to work over time. It needs to process two different sound and clarity levels, which makes it more difficult to obtain a clear understanding of the sound signal.

This means you will be able to hear better with two amplifiers as opposed to a single device (unless you have absolutely no hearing in one of your ears).

Additionally, you will save more if you purchase two personal sound amplifiers at the same time as opposed to buying them separately.

What is the warranty?

We stand by our products. Every MDHearing Personal Sound Amplifier comes with a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty covering any defects in materials and workmanship. Please contact MDHearing Support if you have any issues with your device, even if you are beyond the warranty period. Often, simple troubleshooting can help pinpoint the issue and resolve it.

How will I know if MDHearing will work for me?

Everyone’s hearing is slightly different and it can be easy to jump to the conclusion that every ear needs a perfectly customized hearing device. The truth is, most people have similar hearing issues and the one-size-fits-most programming designed by our audiologist can help the majority (over 90%) of people hear better.

The MDHearing line of personal sound amplification products (PSAPs) are designed to amplify the most useful frequencies, such as the sounds associated with human speech.

Think of it as buying a suit off the rack versus going to a custom tailor for a bespoke suit. Most people will fit in a suit off the rack, and it will be significantly cheaper than paying a professional to design a solution specifically for you.

However, you won't know if MDHearing will work for you until you hear the sound for yourself. If you are curious to know whether you can really save thousands and hear better, we encourage you to experience our 45-day, risk-free trial. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

What is the return policy?

All MDHearing Personal Sound Amplifiers come with a 45-day satisfaction guarantee. We strive to manufacture the highest quality devices on the market and will to work with you to get the full experience from your MDHearing device.

If you don’t completely love your MDHearing amplifier, we will provide a full refund on the purchase price within 45 days of receiving the device. Simply contact us during this trial period for an RMA number and return shipping information.